New Comic and an Update About Our Patreon

Hey, Team!
Rowyn here with some fun news!
We’re revamping the Patreon a bit for 2018, (by the way, we HAVE a Patreon for those who didn’t know!) and using it to concentrate more on upcoming projects.
In order to do that, that means our “behind the scenes” will be on lower tiers, so more people can enjoy them!  We’ll also be simplifying the tiers in order to do that, which will be good all around.
This ALSO means that for a while, the Patreon will be all about Boop in the Night, which is a family friendly comic Rob and I are collaborating on. 
It’s the story of a little girl and her monster-from-under-the-bed.
We’ll show you all the character sketches as they are developed, and you’ll see the finished comics posted here before they go to LineToon/WebToon.
As an example, you can see some back and forth between the two of us about the monster, Icabod:
He goes by Icky.
You’ll also get a chance to help us decide what else the characters should be doing!  We’ll have a vote now and then when we’re stuck on which we should do next.  This will also include votes on what kinds of monsters we should see in the comic!  After all, Icky isn’t all alone, is he?
Rock on,

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