Upcoming Year Events

Hey, Team!

It’s the first big snow storm of the year here.  Rob and I have been bundled up inside all day, in an attempt to hide from any looming fevers. 

We’ve also been going over our convention schedule this year!

(Huh.  I’ve got a fleye face-planting in both posts so far.  Whelp!  Guess it’s gonna be that kind of year.)

As a rule, Rob tends to avoid scheduling us for events that happen out of state during the coldest Winter months.  This is to avoid getting snowed in and missing said events, and…  Well, I’m basically an indoor cat as a person, so I’m not a fan of the cold in general.

Last year, we traveled to nine different states for a total of twenty conventions and events!

This year, we’re slated for seven so far.  This includes an event in my home town, where Team Manticore’s first children’s book will be read.  My father will be visiting for that, and he’ll be the one reading the book in honor of my late mother.  I’m as excited for that as I am nervous.  Selling stuffed animals is much less emotionally taxing. 

Our hope is to do more horror conventions, as well as events created specifically with indie comics and books in mind.

As an example, we’ll be at Dark Side of the Con in New Jersey come March!

If you have an event you’d like us to attend, please let us know by commenting/messaging us.  Even better?  Let the event coordinators know you’d like us to visit too!

We’ll let you know specific details on the Events page of www.teammanticore.com as we get them, so keep a look out.

Rock on,